Foreign languages can help everybody expand their communication range. A perfect reason to place your texts in the hands of our experienced native speakers, exploiting potentially new opportunities for your project by means of a professional translation. Quality translations require in-depth comprehension of the text, a feel for the language, knowledge of the cultural background and, most importantly, a rich vocabulary. Producing a translation isn’t always as easy as it seems, and careless translators often walk into a number of hidden traps. This is precisely why jollywords uses only native speakers to translate your texts. Moreover, their many years of experience as translators make them perfectly qualified for the accurate conversion of your texts into the target language.

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Other languages on request.


Translations are calculated based on a fixed word rate. They depend on the subject area and delivery dates. The following overview will give you a rough idea of the cost:


  • Non-technical, generally comprehensible texts, from CHF 0.40 per word*
  • More demanding, subject-specific texts, from CHF 0.45 per word*
  • Highly technical texts, from CHF 0.50 per word*

*Plus 7.7 % VAT; changes reserved.
**The time frame varies depending on the scope of the order.



  • Surcharge for 24-hour service from Monday to Friday: 50%**
  • Surcharge for 48-hour service from Monday to Friday: 30%**
  • Surcharge for weekends (Friday to Saturday, Saturday to Sunday or Sunday to Monday) and Swiss bank holidays: 70%**

File format of the source and/or target texts

If the text that needs to be edited is in a special format that doesn’t allow direct editing (scans, photocopies, website texts, etc.), the word rate may be higher to allow for the extra time and/or effort required. The content will need to be converted into a text format first. The cost of the above will also depend on the scope of the text.

Format and delivery date

Your completed text will be sent by email as an Office document (preferably .doc or .odt). In the case of particularly large files, the completed file will be sent as a download. Other file formats are available upon request. Time frames will vary depending on the scope and urgency of the order and will be defined on a case by case basis.

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