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From idea to release

jollywords is a creative text agency headquartered in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland. Our dedicated team is made up of trained copywriters, editors and translators. Applying our core skills, we offer our clients professional written word services.


Founder & managing director


Modern text design needs to be able to do more than simply look good to search engines. It must be creative, inspiring and human. I therefore place a high value on language diversity and the definition of a style that perfectly suits both the client and target group alike. I’ll keep writing and editing with maximum attention to detail until I hear you shout approval.



Founder & managing director


One and the same subject may (have to) be tackled in entirely different ways depending on the channel through which it will be conveyed to the target group. I take account of these minor yet vital differences in the text type when I create your texts. This is the only way you can be sure to effectively reach your customers.


jollywords Team skouz

We cooperate with SKOUZ for the development of new websites. From concept to design, to coordinated text-image content, we supply everything from a single source – tailoring it to suit the target group in a product-specific execution with strong wording.

jollywords – for your success online and on paper

We create high-quality content to increase our clients’ success. Our texts accurately transmit information, stir emotions and trigger reactions. We offer our clients an improved all-round professional appearance through the quality development of their websites.


We place great value on high quality, working with maximum attention to detail at all times. We stand behind the results we deliver.


We love and highly value the diversity of our team. We enrich each other and use our strengths to deliver the best project results.


We always keep our technical knowledge up to date and regularly participate in further education programmes. We are open to new areas of study affording us the opportunity to expand our knowledge.


We rely on long-term employees and client relationships. Our way of thinking and acting is future-oriented and we take responsibility for our actions.


We maintain an open dialogue within the team and with the client.


We cooperate closely with our clients and consider their wishes and needs.

Mutual esteem

We respect and support each other. We consider ourselves to be on equal footing with our employees and clients.

Team structure

  1. 1

    You as our client will have a fixed contact person for all your needs, namely your project manager.

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    Project manager

    The project manager coordinates all the separate tasks and keeps you up to date on progress at all times. He/she will support you from your initial consultation through to proofreading rounds, right up until the completion of the project.

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    Copywriters, editors, translators and web designers

    Our copywriters, editors, translators and web designers create text and image content compatible with your requests.

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