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We edit to create
impeccable texts!

Do you want your texts to be professionally edited before your clients see them? That’s a smart decision! Our editors will thoroughly check your texts, transforming something good into something perfect. This includes not only spelling and grammar but also style, content and logic. An experienced analysis by an outsider will provide you with a second opinion and a different perspective. What is the effect of your text on others? Does it resonate with your target audience? And finally: Are you selling your idea, service or product in the best possible way? We will gladly support you in your project.

Proofreading or editing?


Dotting the “i”s and crossing the “t”s

If you have a finished text and need someone to simply check the content for correct spelling (orthography), grammar, sentence structure (syntax) and punctuation, proofreading is what you need. But we won't leave you hanging, even if we’re only proofreading. We’ll let you know if the structure or style of the text is unclear or if there are any formatting issues that need to be dealt with, but without fixing them for you.


Korrektorat Zürich, Jollywords


Fine-tuning your text

If editing is what you want, we will analyse your text in detail and improve not only spelling and grammar, sentence structure and punctuation, but also style and wording. We eliminate repetitions and inform you of any content repetitions (redundancies), review the logic of your content and text structure and highlight any formatting issues. We will deliver an effective and persuasive text, free of any mistakes.


Lektorat Zürich, Jollywords

Please note:

Neither proofreading nor editing includes any deep content review of the text. This type of work can and should only be performed by an expert in the respective area.


Are you almost done? We’ll proofread your thesis and polish it up. Regardless of whether you’re writing an essay, doing homework, preparing a project thesis, seminar thesis, Bachelor's thesis, Master's thesis, Diploma thesis or doctoral thesis: we’ve got our red pens out, ready to go.

Our editors offer professional


with review of spelling, grammar, sentence structure and punctuation


with review of spelling, grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, style, wording, redundancy and logic

What we offer:

Attention to detail and accuracy

Fast turnover times

Uncomplicated processes


Proofreading or editing is calculated based on a fixed standard page rate. The following applies: standard page = 1,500 characters incl. spaces

The following overview will give you a rough idea of the cost:


Proofreading: CHF 8.00 per standard page*
Editing: CHF 12.00 per standard page*

*Plus 7.7 % VAT; changes reserved.
**The time frame depends on the scope of the order.



  • Surcharge for 24-hour service from Monday to Friday: 50%**
  • Surcharge for 48-hour service from Monday to Friday: 30%**
  • Surcharge for weekends (Friday to Saturday, Saturday to Sunday or Sunday to Monday) and Swiss bank holidays: 70%**

File format of the source and/or target texts

If the text that needs to be edited is in a special format that doesn’t allow direct editing (scans, photocopies, website texts, etc.), the word rate may be higher to allow for the extra time and/or effort required. The content will need to be converted into a text format first. The cost of the above will also depend on the scope of the text.

Format and delivery date

Your completed text will be sent by email as an Office document (preferably .doc or .odt). In the case of particularly large files, the completed file will be sent as a download. Other file formats are available upon request. Time frames will vary depending on the scope and urgency of the order and will be defined on a case by case basis.

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